The lands of Elistad extending for thousands of miles has been long under the rule of the Imperium and the Convocation of Great Houses. The sitting emperor of the Imperium commands great legions and each Duke and Duchess of the great houses pay him fealty. While the Imperium’s strength in the military is strong, their true power lies in their control of the island of Haka.

The island of Haka is a curiousity whose mysteries have have tremendous influence throughout the last 400 years largely because it is the only known source for the nectar Verjus. This nectar when imbibed regularly grants long life, sometimes twice to three times a normal lifespan; as well as increased aptitude with magics, particularly Divine ones. In addition, its effects are crucial at creating and maintaining portals on the island, the workings of specific and powerful spells since developed since its discovery, and is highly prized by religious leaders for its vision-inducing effects. Lastly, the Nectar is extremely addictive with regular overuse, requiring more and more to obtain the same effect. The great benefits of Verjus however are at odds with the extremely harsh environment of Haka. All attempts to transplant the Verjus have failed, some with fatal consequences. The fruit itself has been borne on many different types of fauna without a clear trend, and it must always be wild-caught as attempts to farm it on Haka have also failed.

Haka exists as a thick and dense jungle island extending for miles in many directions. Over centuries, generations of plant and animal life in this harsh jungle has adapted to only permit survival of the apex predators and the most resilient game. Part of this local evolution has generated a toxin where native species of the island are largely immune, but is deadly to outsiders. This renders nearly all plant and animal food on the Island deadly poisonous to eat and similarly pollutes all fresh water. Of all native species on the island there is only one sentient one, that of the Wild Elves of Haka. These wild elves have survived years of brutal living conditions which has rendered them faster, stronger, and smarter than that of the best warriors. Their strength however is muted by their lack of central leadership and are relatively sparse on the island.

Recently, the Imperial Emperor has appointed a new house to be in charge of Verjus harvesting operations on Haka. The cruel House Medji have been foraging for the Nectar with wanton abandon, sending scores of slaves into the jungle unprotected and slaying any who do not return with the Nectar. Their primary directive is clearly the collection of Verjus at any price and have pillaged large sections of the Island during the search which has enraged some of the Wild Elves.

Nectar of Haka

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