Nectar of Haka

Quick Haven

Game 4

Having dispatched the lieutenant, and finding a secret cache of items, our group quickly had to deal with the ongoing battle outside of his office.
While Jackie was doing battle with the Medji forces outside, Dresdon tackled him and began a subterfuge to convince the Medji to join him in his fight against their leaders. Jackie agreed to the deception and hid in the jungle to catch off those who would refuse his offer. Sadly the fear of the Medji leaders runs deep in these lowly troops and only a small handful of the company decided to join him.

During this exchange, a strange witch appeared from the jungle who would only identify herself as ‘Surely’. Her bizzare behavior and facination with Dresdon being purple only made the negotiation with the Medji warriors worse. As the rest of their troop left for the jungle line to make it back to the coastline the deserters who joined Dresdon underwent some quick militia and guerrilla training at the hands of Jack and Lucian.

Another large cache of Nectar was found within the LT’s quarters and a plan was struck. When the Medji learn of their camp being overtaken by just these 4 people they will return in force. When they do, Nectar will be poured out and let to bake in the warm jungle air for awhile. This will draw out great predators from the jungle right as the Medji return. Perhaps the returning force can be defeated and more turned to join the cause…


Items acquired:
Quil and Ink of Message
Falcion +1
Ring of Lesser Regeneration

New EXP:

Quick Haven
Maddox Maddox

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