Dresden Puffington

Young human sorcerer


Reasonably strong, very charming (and intimidating) Human with some interesting characteristics. His skin appears a little more tough than the average skin, and the skin moves a bit more like a lizards would when he moves.

His main weapon is a pair of claws he can manifest at will, as well as his spells as a sorcerer. He relies on his thick skin and enchantments for armor, and tends more to use dialogue and intimidation to prevent conflicts.


Dresden was raised by the Church after his father, a high ranking member of the order, was killed in an attack on his home when he was but a small child. As he was growing up, he was taught to try and harness his divine abilities. However, he had none. Instead, he found he had the ability to create small bits of light, like cool flames, and move them about at well. He could feel about for magic or poison simply by concentrating. And eventually he learned to shoot small beams of frost from his finger. This little cleric was actually very talented with the arcane arts!

He still owed his life to the Church, and his father also dedicated his life to protecting the order. It just turned out he didn’t fit in as well as they had hoped. That is no matter, as the Church accepts all people, and Dresden quickly found ways to put his talent to use in the name of the Order.

Dresden Puffington

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