Lucian Sotetveg

Half Elven Rogue of House Eros and trainer of Dresden


Left to orphanage, Lucian has always been on his own. With no one to guide but distracted nuns, Lucian found sneaking around the orphanage to be his greatest joy. He was never abused and harmed. Although there was never parental attention to go around, he always had enough to eat and clothes to stay warm. He absolutely hated it. There was nothing to do. Even sneaking lost its charm when the nuns were so oblivious.

By the age of 11, he ran away to city of Delmar in the province of Eros. There was all sorts of excitement to get into in the city. He joined up with local gang pick pocketing around the city. Lucian and the group of friends he collected were always once step ahead of the constable. Through tatical cunning and rotten luck they got away with lot til, he was caught by local club owner, when he tried to steal from his liquor stash. Impressed by his skills the club pulled him into his employ. To work security around the club and make sure the customers enjoyed their time. Never seen or heard, but there with anything ugly popped up. No warning just a knock to back of the head and out the back they went. No one caused trouble at the Last Lantern. It took some time took get use the fighting style of the other bouncers of the club, but continuous beating made him prepared for anything. Also quick to react with any hesitation. While the club led to bad habits and a chaotic, he never lost him self to it. Not for to long.

On one of his sober nights, he was approached by a well dress man, who was not so sober. He wanted him in his employ and the Puffington Manor and security and miscellanious services. Lucian initially rejected but once the sum of the salary came up, he quickly changed his mind. That could buy a lot of booze. While his employ at the puffington manor had all the material goods he could ask for, it stifled him worse than the orphanage. Thus he found himself drunkenly swinging from the flag mast of the manor house. Slightly disgraced but not too upset, Lucian is forced on a mission to keep a kid with a dragon fetish with his head on his shoulders.

Lucian Sotetveg

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