Nectar of Haka

Quick Haven
Game 4

Having dispatched the lieutenant, and finding a secret cache of items, our group quickly had to deal with the ongoing battle outside of his office.
While Jackie was doing battle with the Medji forces outside, Dresdon tackled him and began a subterfuge to convince the Medji to join him in his fight against their leaders. Jackie agreed to the deception and hid in the jungle to catch off those who would refuse his offer. Sadly the fear of the Medji leaders runs deep in these lowly troops and only a small handful of the company decided to join him.

During this exchange, a strange witch appeared from the jungle who would only identify herself as ‘Surely’. Her bizzare behavior and facination with Dresdon being purple only made the negotiation with the Medji warriors worse. As the rest of their troop left for the jungle line to make it back to the coastline the deserters who joined Dresdon underwent some quick militia and guerrilla training at the hands of Jack and Lucian.

Another large cache of Nectar was found within the LT’s quarters and a plan was struck. When the Medji learn of their camp being overtaken by just these 4 people they will return in force. When they do, Nectar will be poured out and let to bake in the warm jungle air for awhile. This will draw out great predators from the jungle right as the Medji return. Perhaps the returning force can be defeated and more turned to join the cause…

New friends and old enemies
Game 3

After a few days to heal their wounds at Jack’s safe hiding place, the group decided to move out again towards the next major encampment. During these days of convalescence, A previous panther that Jack had hunted with turned up again, and after further encouragement and training began to accompany him as his bonded animal companion “Starlight”.
During this time of training Dresdon continued his training from Lucian as to not waste their time awaiting wounds to close from their local remedies.

Near the end of the last day, approaching their camp was a native Hakan, “Jackie”. At first he seemed ambivalent towards the group and departed quickly but soon after they shared a meal, some conversation, and a battle with boa constrictors. Deciding that their common enemy, the Medji, lie ahead they decided to work together to gather some intel on the next camp.

Upon arrival, and some mishaps with scouting, a rouse was created where Jackie would be brought in, tied loosely, and then brought before their leader the Lieutenant.
Once begrudgingly brought before the LT, Dresdon began discussing their ‘captive’ and mentioned that he arrived with Drak’nar who bears the royal seal of the emperor. Upon hearing this association, the LT demanded their execution and his gaurds were quickly dealt with. Rising to his feet he engaged everyone at once and was finally brought down after impaling Jack with his sword. Laughing as blood ran down his face he collapsed to the floor.

During the scuffle, Jackie escaped out into the camp and executed a fleeing guard. What will the other Medji in the camp do with a wild Hakan in their midst? What will the party do now with the LT dead at their feet?

Cast into the jungle
Game 2

Before the morning came, Dresden, Jack, and Lucian analyzed their stolen map, discovering a large scale Nectar search was to be undertaken soon at all encampments. They had debated about cutting their Medji Lt. ‘loose’ but thought that it would be best at another time. At morning, there was a great departure as all knights and the Lt. were ordered into the jungle to begin their search. Three guards remained (one of which was our very own Lucian in disguise) to keep an eye on the party. Dresden decided to accompany the raiding party to better learn of their intentions and see how their Nectar hoarding must be done.

At first Dresden, Jack and Lucian relished this opportunity to search the camp without restraint. The two remaining guards were easily duped into helping them, especially with Lucian under cover. A search of the Lt.’s quarters revealed a series of delicious wine, a carafe of Nectar, a series of messages between the Medji leaders (with a few of them encoded) and some personal items.

While reading through these letters and attempting to decode the encoded one the building rumbled. A sleuth of feral bears arrived in the camp searching for an easy meal or some Nectar to steal while the border guards were gone. As one giant bear stuck his head through the door and strained the building, they fought him back, escaped out a side window, lit the building on fire and collapsed it on the bear.

During the scuffle, some of the other bears searching the camp caught and eliminated the 2 guards with the party. A quick escape was made through the edge of the jungle line as Lucian threw the carafe of Nectar between a set of bears to draw their attention on each other and away from their escape route.

Two days in the jungle, guided by Jack, the remaining party began to heal their wounds. Hiding in known safe houses and taking ample time to treat wounds, rest, and drink fresh water, they recuperated and decided on a quick path to the next encampment. In their rush, a pack of feral wolves surprised the party and hoped to secure an easy kill. A few well placed arrows, claws, and swords left the pack crippled and the survivors retreated back into the jungle line.

Now, in the jungle and separated from Drak’nar, the group low on supplies must find a way to reach him or the next encampment before they become another meal for the next predator.

Arrival on Haka
Prelude (Game 1)

Word has reached the ears of Duke Eldan of house Treylan that the Medji have been embezzling nectar from Haka. This cannot stand and after consulting the emperor has been granted permission to conduct an audit of the Nectar stores and collection of the Medji on the island of Haka.

His nephew, Drak’nar, has been eager to set out away from the temples and expand his knowledge beyond the dusty tomes within. Exploring Haka itself would prove invaluable, and he convinces his uncle to send him for the audit. The minor house Eros, well known for their savagery and cunning, owe a favor to House Treylan and have agreed to send two of their warriors, Dresden and his trainer Lucian, to protect this young nephew to the duke.

After their journey to the castle of house Medji, and the presentation of the Emperor’s seal, they are granted permission to use the standing portal to the Island of Haka. Their cold greeting on the other side almost turned violent, but some calming words diffused the situation. Having removed their ‘escort’ they met up with Jack Churchill, a rare local ranger of Haka who is in the employment of Medji for their coin and resources.

Early investigations reveal savagery indeed as scouting parties for Nectar return wounded and ignored. Nectar counts also seem off and they set out to the first outpost away from the center. After stealing a map, instead of some fine wine, a small troop of Monkeys attack the settlement but are easily repelled.

Where is the nectar going? And why are they preparring such a large incursion into the jungle?


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