Nectar of Haka

Arrival on Haka

Prelude (Game 1)

Word has reached the ears of Duke Eldan of house Treylan that the Medji have been embezzling nectar from Haka. This cannot stand and after consulting the emperor has been granted permission to conduct an audit of the Nectar stores and collection of the Medji on the island of Haka.

His nephew, Drak’nar, has been eager to set out away from the temples and expand his knowledge beyond the dusty tomes within. Exploring Haka itself would prove invaluable, and he convinces his uncle to send him for the audit. The minor house Eros, well known for their savagery and cunning, owe a favor to House Treylan and have agreed to send two of their warriors, Dresden and his trainer Lucian, to protect this young nephew to the duke.

After their journey to the castle of house Medji, and the presentation of the Emperor’s seal, they are granted permission to use the standing portal to the Island of Haka. Their cold greeting on the other side almost turned violent, but some calming words diffused the situation. Having removed their ‘escort’ they met up with Jack Churchill, a rare local ranger of Haka who is in the employment of Medji for their coin and resources.

Early investigations reveal savagery indeed as scouting parties for Nectar return wounded and ignored. Nectar counts also seem off and they set out to the first outpost away from the center. After stealing a map, instead of some fine wine, a small troop of Monkeys attack the settlement but are easily repelled.

Where is the nectar going? And why are they preparring such a large incursion into the jungle?


1000XP for everyone for the first session! Don’t forget that next session is the last chance to make changes to your character.

Arrival on Haka

I looked up the Knowledge domain Lore Keeper:
Lore Keeper (Sp): You can touch a creature to learn about its abilities and weaknesses. With a successful touch attack, you gain information as if you made the appropriate Knowledge skill check with a result equal to 15 + your cleric level + your Wisdom modifier

So Drak’nar has an equivalent 22 knowledge:Local and Knowledge:Nature for this monkey.

Arrival on Haka
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