Nectar of Haka

Cast into the jungle

Game 2

Before the morning came, Dresden, Jack, and Lucian analyzed their stolen map, discovering a large scale Nectar search was to be undertaken soon at all encampments. They had debated about cutting their Medji Lt. ‘loose’ but thought that it would be best at another time. At morning, there was a great departure as all knights and the Lt. were ordered into the jungle to begin their search. Three guards remained (one of which was our very own Lucian in disguise) to keep an eye on the party. Dresden decided to accompany the raiding party to better learn of their intentions and see how their Nectar hoarding must be done.

At first Dresden, Jack and Lucian relished this opportunity to search the camp without restraint. The two remaining guards were easily duped into helping them, especially with Lucian under cover. A search of the Lt.’s quarters revealed a series of delicious wine, a carafe of Nectar, a series of messages between the Medji leaders (with a few of them encoded) and some personal items.

While reading through these letters and attempting to decode the encoded one the building rumbled. A sleuth of feral bears arrived in the camp searching for an easy meal or some Nectar to steal while the border guards were gone. As one giant bear stuck his head through the door and strained the building, they fought him back, escaped out a side window, lit the building on fire and collapsed it on the bear.

During the scuffle, some of the other bears searching the camp caught and eliminated the 2 guards with the party. A quick escape was made through the edge of the jungle line as Lucian threw the carafe of Nectar between a set of bears to draw their attention on each other and away from their escape route.

Two days in the jungle, guided by Jack, the remaining party began to heal their wounds. Hiding in known safe houses and taking ample time to treat wounds, rest, and drink fresh water, they recuperated and decided on a quick path to the next encampment. In their rush, a pack of feral wolves surprised the party and hoped to secure an easy kill. A few well placed arrows, claws, and swords left the pack crippled and the survivors retreated back into the jungle line.

Now, in the jungle and separated from Drak’nar, the group low on supplies must find a way to reach him or the next encampment before they become another meal for the next predator.


2350 XP for Lucian, Dresden, and Jack!
That should level you up, we can do the level up tonight when you arrive, or you can do it before coming in if you’d like.
I know at this point I owe you some treasure and the Lt. didn’t have enough to steal. Keep your eyes peeled for some coming soon…

Cast into the jungle
Maddox Maddox

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