Jack Churchill

Ranger of Haka, currently hired by House Medji


Starlight is animal companion



Captain Jack Churchill is the very crafty and straightforward no holds bar guide for hire on Haka.
Named by his father after the great War hero of the past he lives up to his namesake by the legends he has made for himself on the Island.
Being born on the Island he knows the territory more than anyone of the other Medji or government sent guide on the Island. His real advantage is that his parents were not born on the Island. His father Stalin Churchill was one the first outsiders to explore the island 60 years ago. His Mother Elizabeth Churchill would join Stalin 15 years later and a few years later would move and start a family by having their only son Captain Jack. Captain Jack was trained well by his father and mother in not only the way of the Island but being able to communicate with both the natives of the Island and the outsides as the climate changed.
Captain Jack has been a guide for hire for 10 years on Haka since he took over for his father at the age of 15 after his death on a trip off the Island. Captain Jack hides his dislike for the Medji or most outsiders by sticking to his golden rule. That rule is “Payment up front”. Captain Jack is one of the best hunters on the island taking down many of the great beasts of Haka with his trusty Bow and Quiver.

Jack Churchill

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