Nectar of Haka

New friends and old enemies

Game 3

After a few days to heal their wounds at Jack’s safe hiding place, the group decided to move out again towards the next major encampment. During these days of convalescence, A previous panther that Jack had hunted with turned up again, and after further encouragement and training began to accompany him as his bonded animal companion “Starlight”.
During this time of training Dresdon continued his training from Lucian as to not waste their time awaiting wounds to close from their local remedies.

Near the end of the last day, approaching their camp was a native Hakan, “Jackie”. At first he seemed ambivalent towards the group and departed quickly but soon after they shared a meal, some conversation, and a battle with boa constrictors. Deciding that their common enemy, the Medji, lie ahead they decided to work together to gather some intel on the next camp.

Upon arrival, and some mishaps with scouting, a rouse was created where Jackie would be brought in, tied loosely, and then brought before their leader the Lieutenant.
Once begrudgingly brought before the LT, Dresdon began discussing their ‘captive’ and mentioned that he arrived with Drak’nar who bears the royal seal of the emperor. Upon hearing this association, the LT demanded their execution and his gaurds were quickly dealt with. Rising to his feet he engaged everyone at once and was finally brought down after impaling Jack with his sword. Laughing as blood ran down his face he collapsed to the floor.

During the scuffle, Jackie escaped out into the camp and executed a fleeing guard. What will the other Medji in the camp do with a wild Hakan in their midst? What will the party do now with the LT dead at their feet?


1600 EXP For each (Did I give another number?)

New friends and old enemies
Maddox Maddox

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